Thanksgiving, our favorite time of the year to binge eat with family, is over and we're back in the office. We're not gonna let this brief purgatory before Christmas get us down though! Holiday cheer everybody, come'on. If there's one thing that we're reminded of on Thanksgiving it's that eating dinner with friends and family is a special thing. Whether or not you're Julia Child or Anthony Bourdaine, getting in the kitchen, whipping something up and sitting down with loved ones is a treat. We've showcased some of our more versatile dining tables with chairs that would be sure to add a bit of color to your life. 

Gispen once again created a simple timeless design with this multi-purpose table that would function great in a live/work space. Pair it with Cordemeijer's Chair no. 11 of various colors, several of Friso Kramer style "result" chairs  and you'll have an eclectic looking sophisticated spot to eat your meals and hold your meetings.

Here we've put together two mid size pyramid tables to create a central dining table that can easily be re-purposed as a work station and later separated to clear out space. A set of six beautiful navy and light teak Wim Rietveld stacking chairs from the original first run that won a coveted 'Signe d'Or' design award in 1960 add the perfect touch of contrast to the tables.

(all photos by Sam Zachrich)



Welcome, Fall. We've waited so long for you in this sweltering summer heat... despite that, we're still introducing a few well-loved leather favorites for burying into (when it gets cooler).

Gerard van den Berg for Montis
Gerard van den Berg arguably defined a turning point away from classic Mid-Century Dutch furniture design to more contemporary design that made use of different materials such as rattan and leather. For Montis, a company he started with his brother, his design aesthetic stemmed from concepts of comfort - cushiony seats with a solid and sturdy body. Nevertheless he maintains a sleek elegance to each piece with his balanced, and often singular, use of warm leather upholstery and carefully placed stitching. 

Gerard Van Den Berg Leather and Rattan Swivel Lounge Chair for Montis

Gerard Van Den Berg (attr) Fishbone Lounge Chair
Mario Bellini for B&B Italia
An architect and designer, Mario Bellini has won 8 Compasso d'Oro awards and been presented the Medaglia d'Oro by the President of the Italian Republic over the course of his extensive and impressive career. An international success, Bellini has had a retrospective at the New York Museum of Modern Art - with 25 of his designs currently in their permanent collection. His famed product designs for Olivetti, B&B Italia, and Cassina have become classics and he still continues to design for manufacturers in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Japan, and the US.

B&B Italia Amanta Sectional Sofa by Mario Bellini



Driving to work today I heard that Los Angeles currently has an "Excessive Heat Warning," and then I subsequently realized that I'm not a fan of this Indian summer and would rather it be over pretty soon. Not down with this heat. Though I would love to be lounging in the shade...




We have SO MANY industrial side tables that they're practically breaking the floor of our storage attic... I don't even know why they're still here to be honest, they're pretty awesome, and of course (as I say to everything) - versatile. No but seriously... check out the cute little vignettes we did with our industrial tables to demonstrate their many uses. Of course there are more than just three ways, but that's all we had time for in this post ;) So, without further ado, here are three awesome uses of the industrial mini-table.

1. In your foyer. Entry table anyone? Small is good for this actually, not many people (I'm assuming) have an actual real foyer with room for a large heavy wood circular table to just take up space in the middle of the floor. I could also be wrong about this. Also a link on our post to decorating the foyer...

2. Kitchen Helper. Pretty self-explanatory. But also the perfect size to wedge in between your oven and the doorframe.

The industrial Friso Kramer style school desks are $195 each, currently two available in different colors.
Industrial desk and pedastal chair set listed at $225 - 36 available.

 3. Workstation. You can add individual desks like building blocks. It's like being back in middle school where the teacher made you push all your desks together to form a table for "group work" (aka just to hang out with your friends basically.)

Our Friso Kramer Industrial Desk is $195. There are 8 currently available!

And of course we forgot one - this industrial side table below has a "T" base and a beige top - super cool. 17 available at $150 each.


We're Having a Theo Ruth Love Affair...

"And I can't stop, and I won't stop"
- Miley Cyrus, Mike Will Made It, P-Nasty, Rock City, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick

As said epically by (all six) songwriters of "We Can't Stop," we literally can't stop being obsessed with Theo Ruth's beautiful designs. I suddenly had an epiphany that we may have a problem as I watched our upholsterer drop off a third (or fifth?) batch of freshly re-upholstered gorgeous Theo Ruth chairs... Not that that is a problem whatsoever, and if it is, we would love for it to keep reoccurring.

What's not to love?
We can't help but be attracted to the well-designed and well-made. Basically, Theo Ruth's designs have amazing structurally sound bones (haha.) Even the worst upholsterer couldn't mess up a Theo Ruth chair. All of his designs are classic and fun - manifesting as a curvy love seat or his most famous tension construction sets. Ingenious...

Theo Ruth for Artifort:
Theo Ruth was an interior and furniture designer whose most famous design was his 1952 Congo chair based on innovative tension construction. After joining Artifort in 1936 (then named Wagemans & Van Tuinen) as their primary furniture designer, he became integral to the development of Artifort's design department, bringing in other designers such as Geoffrey Harcourt, Gerritt Rietveld, and Pierre Paulin. An arbitrator of design, he played a huge role in paving the path to Artifort's success.

Theo Ruth "Congo" Chair, 1952. In Chartreuse!
Theo Ruth Loveseat - in Original Olive Mohair

Theo Ruth Armchair - Sunshine Yellow
Theo Ruth Three-Seater Sofa - Apple Red

Theo Ruth Armchair - Feather Upholstery

Pair of Theo Ruth Vanity Chairs

Theo Ruth Loveseat

Theo Ruth Tension Construction Sofa Set - Two-Toned Fabric

(All photos by Sam Zachrich. Thank you Sam!)


Mix and Match Mid-Century? No Prob - Hello Chairish!

Being a dealer specializing in Dutch Mid-Century Modern goodness, we're no stranger to mixing and matching. Dutch design varies a little from more traditional Danish mid-century - they used more industrial and colorful materials, which offset so perfectly with wood and various textures. If we've taken away anything from Dutch design, it's fearlessness in our aesthetic. Sometimes the least likely mix of things synchronize beautifully together.

Why do we love mid-century? People knew how to build things well back then, ideas were fresh, unique pieces were made, and the materials were repurposed from WWII industrialism… Historically standing, MCM was the gateway for mass-production, nevertheless the original (old) designs still maintain a feeling of hand-craftedness and care. Mixing mid-century with any style ALWAYS gives any space a sense of originality and comfort. Today I will be sharing a few of our favorite rooms that seamlessly incorporate the mid-century modern aesthetic. Along with a few styling tips. 

Look how we've moved backwards in time…If these photos were instead in high-res, they could be from this month's Dwell (maybe.) Instead they're actually from a 60's Dutch catalog. 

Here are a few favorite rooms (by designers we love!), highlighted with very reasonably priced original mid-century designs from Chairish - a carefully curated online marketplace with a bomb mid-century collection. Trust me, this blog post was very hard to get through considering I got distracted re-designing my whole apartment in my head browsing through everything. (Insert monkey-face emoji with its hands over its eyes.) Also our top three tips on styling with mid-century!

Re-upholstery. Reupholster an old piece with new spunky fabric and you maintain the vintage integrity of the piece but let it modernize and pop with any space. Illustrated here in a project by Matt Blacke via a very B&B Italia sofa. 

3. Mid-Century Modern Milo Baughman Era Sofa and chair
4. Harvey Probber Three Piece Sectional Sofa (very much in need of some good re-upholstery…)
5. Thayer Coggin Foyer Table
6. Vintage Adrian Pearsell 1135-T Dining Table

TIP 2 
Mid-Century itself comes in many styles... mixing and matching different upholsteries, textures, and woods can be refreshing all in itself. Thanks Roman and Williams!

1. Original Mid-Century Arthur Umanoff Sofa
2. Percival Lafer Two-Seat Leather Sofa
3. Grange Monet Black Lounge Chair 
4. Hans Wegner Style Folding Woven Rope Chairs
5. Hans Olsen Black Leather and Wood Safari Chair
6. Hans Wegner Brown Leather Armchair
7. Danish Modern White Hanging Pendant Lamp

Keep it simple and light. One of the best things about MCM is its simplicity and shapeliness. Well-placed curves can give dynamism to any room and works especially great when sticking to a neutral color palette. Below by Geremia Design

1. Newly Reupholstered Mid-Century Vintage Couch
2. Swan Sofa by Fritz Hansen
3. Red Womb Chair and Ottoman by Knoll Saarinen
4. Mid-Century Overman Egg Form Chair and Ottoman
5. Glass and Rattan Coffee Table
6. Adrian Pearsall Walnut Coffee Table
7. Mid-Century Chrome Arc Floor Lamp

Lastly and most importantly... versatility. I mean, have you browsed through all 6,000+ items in just the Mid-Century section alone on Chairish? (I have…) There is absolutely something for everyone. 



Pair of Jacques Adnet Style Woven Rattan Bucket Chairs, Paul Kingma Style Mosaic Stone Nesting Tables

Blonde Pastoe (attr) Dining Set, Black Plexi Hat Ceiling Lamp

Pair of Radboud Van Beekum FM60 Cube Chairs for Pastoe in New White Leather, Hala Style Ball-Jointed Industrial Black Floor Lamp, Dirk van Sliedrecht for Rohe Noordwolde Side Table


De Sede DS-600 "Nonstop" Sofa

Ueli Berger/Elenora Peduzzi-Riva/Heinz Ulrich/Klaus Vogt's DS600 "Nonstop" Sofa for De Sede is the kind of sofa (work of art) that you can only acquire if you're a rockstar with impeccable and eclectic taste. It has always been a stunning classic, and was featured in the March Architectural Digest's article detailing Lapo Elkann's apartment in Milan (entrepreneur and designer with impeccable and eclectic taste.)

This ingenious sofa system was developed in 1972 as a cross between ultimate comfort, versatility (literally), and design. Each individual cushy section can be zippered together and curved elegantly - hence we like to call it the Zipper Sofa. Talk about statement pieces, you don't even need anything else in the room at all. It's one of our favorites! Practically screaming to stay with us forever… however unfortunately that is not the case as our lack of space says otherwise.  

Architectural Digest

Here are some more traditionally upholstered zipper De Sede's. Honestly you could probably upholster it in anything and it would be still awesome.

De Sede 

De Sede
Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso on our very own De Sede courtesy of 1stdibs (Nasty Gal Headquarters by Bestor Architecture

We have this one now available! 


Designing for a Good Cause - 10 Homes in 2 Days

A good friend of ours recently introduced us to a community volunteer organization she's been working with called "A Sense of Home" that designs homes with furniture donations for aged-out foster kids. This weekend on April 18th and 19th they will be putting together 10 homes in just two days!! If you have any furniture or any of your time to donate, please do! 

Here's some more info on the organization :) Taken from the "Foster Care Counts" website - also here is their website.

Who are we?
A Sense of Home (ASOH) is a volunteer movement where community creates homes for foster youth as they "age out" of the foster care system. At age 18 or 21st, youth that were never adopted are ejected from the foster system and must fend for themselves. They may secure a Section 8 Apt but have no means to obtain furniture & homewards that create a sense of home and the foundation that is needed to succeed. ASOH rallies the community to be the "village" for these kids during the most challenging phase of their life. 

How to get involved:

Donate furniture and housewares, earn a tax deduction

Donate funds so ASOH can hire foster youth to scale across the US

Volunteer as a family or school or as an individual

Why it matters:
Conservatively, it costs the US $8 billion/year. Foster youth - who've experienced an average of 7 relocations during their time in care - exit the system with the statistics predicting they will fail:
- More than 50% of foster youth who "aged out" experience homelessness.
- Approximately 56% of foster youth who "aged out" become unemployed.
- 70% of all California State Prison inmates are former foster youth.
- In LA County alone, each year 3,200 youth "age out."


Spring, Is That You?

For some reason, this winter felt longer than last winter. We're lucky that we didn't get hit with the insane weather bombarding the East Coast (I mean when do we ever get insane weather or weather at all?), but somehow the record-breaking low temperatures around the rest of the US got us down too... (we're awful, right?) BUT that makes us even more excited that Spring has finally and officially decided to join us. Well, on the West Coast at least. West Coast=Best Coast. Feel free to debate me.

We have a TON of West German Ceramics, large and small, and decided that now was the time to go to the flower market and fill these beautiful vases. We went a little crazy... "we" meaning me.

That's probably about $80 worth of flowers/branches/thistles right there, which isn't bad considering we made all of these! (Below.. and more.) The LA flower market is crazy amazing and I spent about an hour wandering around looking at everything, and trust me, they have everything. I'm also a very indecisive person and ended up buying way more than we needed.

Assorted Large West German Ceramics

This is Carrie. Sorry Carrie, couldn't resist ;) This could be the start to a great modeling career.

We have a few select pieces upholstered in beautiful light and fun fabrics, and shot a few vignettes with the arrangements. Did I mention how much we love Spring?

Birch Dining Table with Set of 8 Van Os Culemborg Dining Chairs, West German Ceramic

Friso Kramer Bench, Dutch Floor Lamp, West German Ceramic Vase

Robert Parry Lounge ChairsWim Rietveld 535 "Mosquito" Coffee Table, West German Ceramic Vase, Wood Accessories

(All photos by Sam Zachrich. Thank you Sam!)


Our Foray into Styling the Foyer

The foyer or entryway to your home serves as a perfect introduction to the type of person you are... cluttered and disorganized, or minimal and clean, it lends precedence to what the rest of your house is going to look like (most likely.) As they say, first impressions are everything - right? 

Not all of us have a distinct foyer per say, but we can create the illusion of having one (even if it is just an extension of our living room.) All we really need is a place to rest our keys upon arrival to save us some stress and anxiety later on when we REALLY need to be somewhere important and can't find those damn keys. We've picked out a few things we want for our foyer, and of course, some inspiration from Pinterest.  Also sorry... couldn't resist with that title.

1. Willy Van der Meeren for Tubax Writing Desk or Side Table with Wire Legs. Very elegant industrial design in the shaping of the tubular enameled metal legs. 

2. Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli Three Seater Bench with Cast Aluminum Legs. A classic painted plywood seat design from Castelli but in bench form (how cool). I could see this in my entryway or hallway - it's playful but also with a minimal palette.  

3. Cees Braakman and A. Dekker Wire Vanity Stool for Pastoe. I suppose not the most comfortable chair for sitting, but also why would you be sitting in your foyer all day. Plus it's gorgeous. 

4. Raak Saturnus Chandelier. This would be the epitome of statement pieces if hung in your entryway, just think about it... 

5. Krijn Hamelink "Cadiz" Side Chair. Simple and minimal with clean lines! A good alternative to heavier pieces and would work better with smaller spaces. 

6. Artimeta Soest Perforated Mirror and Lamp in Orange. A good mirror is always crucial for a last check out the door to make sure everything is in order. 

7. Mid-Century Small Teak Cabinet. Just small enough to place near a door but large enough to be noticeable - also a great piece to hang a mirror above (such as the Artimeta Soest mirror, #6)

Check out our Pinterest inspiration board for this post! Plus more picks